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David Lopez's Listings

Downtown Commercial Property

Southwest corner of the municipal market 1 block west, 1... Listing ID: 009845
Beds 4
Baths 1
4,370 ft2
This Downtown Commercial Property is located on one of the most important streets in town, in relation to commerce. This road is also known as “Vanderbilt Avenue”. San Juan del Sur has been growing as an International Tourism Attraction, bringing...Read More

Affordable Development Lot

Lotificacion Villas de San Juan Listing ID: 009787
278 m2
Affordable Development Lot Villas de San Juan is a residential development near the touristic city of San Juan del Sur, known as one of the most affordable of its kind. This Affordable Development Lot neighborhood’s main offer is composed of a...Read More

Suburban Environmental Home

San Rafael del valle Listing ID: 009781
Beds 2
Baths 1
2,848 ft2
Suburban Environmental Home This 2 bedroom 1 bathroom Suburban Environmental Home has many environmentally conscious design aspects. The plumbing set up to recycle grey waters and it would be easy to install a rain catch system. There is also a great...Read More

Potential Commercial Property

From Gas Station UNO, 1/2 block west. Left hand. Listing ID: 009745
260 m2
Potential Commercial Property This amazing Potential Commercial Property is located on the main road entering town, in downtown San Juan del Sur! It has a wide variety of commercial businesses around it and the location is a great one to build...Read More

Los Miradores Lot 17

Los Miradores Lot #17, Nacascolo. San Juan del Sur. Listing ID: 009695
2,159 m2
Los Miradores Lot 17 is an exceptional, must see lot, located in the traquil oceanview community of Los Miradores.  This expansive property has an incredible view of three bays: San Juan del Sur, Nacascolo and El Toro Mixcal. Los Miradores Lot 17...Read More