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500 meters south of Summer Hotel
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Beachfront Commercial house is an amazing opportunity that knocks once in a blue moon. A great Beachfront Commercial house in the heart of Masachapa.  Masachapa is a small fishing town  located between the popular beach of Pochomil and the all-inclusive beach resort of Montelimar.

Casa Lasasso is the perfect escape plan! Due to the proximity to the capital city, this beach becomes a highly visited destination any time during the whole year, but summer time is ideal for thousands of people enjoying the beach life.

Purchasing Casa Lasasso boasts a variety of benefits and commercial potential that meets your needs of obtaining a strong return on your investment. Uses such as:  Bar & Restaurant, rental incomes, your own house, hosting service, rent surfboards etc.

This Beachfront Commercial house consists of a three-story concrete and wood structure, it is a tall building on the beach, set on the south end of a cove landform, the rooms are very large and constructed with private bathrooms and a/c. There are two bars; in two different floors each of them has a great view of the water although the upper bar you appreciate the whole coast. The views are very impressive; you can also see an old dock which was built in 1951. It is 80 meters long and has an L shape, adorning the dock you will find the fishing boats. When the tide is out the craters in the rock bottom ocean floor create wonderful natural pools.

Some of the activities are: surfing, fishing, snorkeling, ATV rentals, hiking/walking, take one of the many popular rickshaw bikes, kayaks, horse-riding on the beach and in the forest, arrange boating excursions…

The town of Masachapa is very small and everyone knows each other, hardworking and friendly people. The outskirts of the village is mainly planted with sugar cane fields, one of the main economic activities of the region as well as fishing where seafood can be tasted at very reasonable prices and this Beachfront Commercial house will not be the exception.

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