Bob Eason

    About Bob Eason

    Mr. Eason was raised in Central America and is fluent in Spanish. He returned to Southern California from Central America in 1965 to continue his studies in English schools and later studied and worked in the construction industry. Along with his brother, they have built and developed real estate for sale for 40 years, hiring and working with Spanish speaking tradesmen in all areas of the construction business.  Residential and commercial projects were their focus.

    He founded a company in Central America in 1980 which designs products for a cottage industry to produce for an international market. His vision was to bring employment to an underdeveloped country. As President, he employed and impacted for the good, thousands in this region. Mr. Eason was a leader in developing “fair trade” practices in the early eighties.

    In 1981, Eason founded Picante!, a clothing company in the US, and developed an international market for the brand. His company did business with the leading retailers in the US, Canada and Japan for 25 years.

    Mr. Eason merged Picante! into two publicly held companies. In 1984 and again in 1993 and ran it as a stand-alone business for 20 years as CEO where he maintained a “Fair Trade” policy from its inception. He pioneered organic cotton and developed the market internationally.

    He conducted business in Central America as importer, exporter, manufacturer and builder for 30 years and has far reaching social and governmental contacts there.

    He has developed and sold real estate in California as well as Central America. Residential, warehousing and factory facilities were his main projects.

    His business ventures provided him with experience in international trading and finance, production in emerging economies, sales, global supply chain solutions and international brand building.

    In 2007 Eason turned his interests toward the biofuels industry, and the following year founded a biofuels company in Nicaragua, with a co-operative work model as it’s focus. Environmental sensitivity as well as the cultural and social impacts to the region are his interests. He has vast contacts in this region, which are imperative for conducting a business of this nature. Because of this Eason has joined the RE/MAX sales team in Nicaragua. He has been selling properties and building luxury homes on the Emerald Coast since 2009 and his experience here will help his clients realize their dream.

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