Rudy Gutierrez Santiago

    About Rudy Gutierrez Santiago

    Rudy always strives to deliver a high-level customer service and that is what he envisioned when he joined RE/MAX as an Associate Agent, after ending his corporate life of many years and decided to start his own Real Estate business.

    His main expertise is focused in finance and his professional experience includes various high levels managerial positions in different companies, as well as a Consultant in the areas of finance, operations, procurement and sales, both in the private and public sectors, as well as International Organizations (NGO). 

    Rudy´s academic qualifications include a Bachelor Degree in Finance in the University of Mobile, Latin American Campus and a Master Degree in Strategic Change in the University of Essex, England. After finishing his master studies, he joined the European Commission for an internship in Brussels and Luxembourg. Additionally, he has earned certificates from Cornell University, University of California, Berkeley and the Dale Carnegie Center.

    As part of his extracurricular activities, he taught “Management and Leadership” course at Ave María College. He published an article in the Business and Economy section of the most widely read newspaper in Nicaragua (La Prensa), entitled “The third millennium, globalization and corruption”.

    He has been a volunteer in activities related to helping patients with cancer, charity activities (clothing, food and medicine) in rural communities and natural disasters, such as the one that occurred in 1998 caused by Hurricane Mitch.

    On a more personal level, he is a firm believer of evolving everyday into a new and better human being by following a simple and quality life through: waking up early, exercise daily, meditation, eating healthy, reading, enough rest, practice gratitude and always smile.

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