Buying a Beach House in Nicaragua

With an expansive Pacific Ocean coastline, it is easy to find a great beach house, either to use as an investment or to use as your primary home. Nowhere else in the world can you find a beach house for such a great price and with such unadulterated and pristine views of the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific Ocean. Both of which contain warm, beautiful blue water, which make them perfect not just for a vacation home, but also for investments and rental properties. Before you jump in a purchase a beach house, however, there are a few tips you need to consider.

Consider location. The best place for a beach house is going to be about two and half hours from the nearest large city. This will ensure that you are not constantly inundated either with locals or with tourists, but rather that you have a fairly quiet and private beach setting. The beaches in the municipalities of San Juan del Sur and Tola are ideally located! They may feel a little far from the metropolitan areas, but once you’re living in your beach house, you will prefer it that way.

Consider the beach. If you are going to purchase a house and then rent it out, you are going to want to look for a beach that caters to the kind of clientele you want to bring to your rental property. Look for beaches that have great outdoor activities, such as fishing, spear fishing, and surfing, great activities for children and adults alike.  It’s not difficult to find a beach that offers all of this in Nicaragua, but each beach is going to be a favorite among different kinds of people. Make sure the location you select caters to the people who will want to rent your property.

Find the right house. The properties you are most likely to find in Nicaragua are reasonably sized, seaside houses. Giant houses and very small bungalows generally do not see as much traffic as a reasonably-sized house. There should also be storage areas, or ‘owner lockout areas’ within the homes. This would enable the owner to store their beach and vacation items with ease, so they wouldn’t have to transport so many things every tiem they came for a visit. It is also nice if they have an area outside to entertain.

If you are going to be renting the property, keep in mind that houses within a twenty minute walk of the beach or town (about a mile), homes on a surf break and beachfront homes have the best performance record. Once you pick the right place, be patient. It can take some time for you to start seeing significant returns on your beach house investment.

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