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Southwest corner of the municipal market 1 block west, 1 block north. In front of Super Xpress.
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This Downtown Commercial Property is located on one of the most important streets in town, in relation to commerce. This road is also known as “Vanderbilt Avenue”.

San Juan del Sur has been growing as an International Tourism Attraction, bringing tourists from all over the world every week since the early 2000’s.  As the commerce grows, zoning changes, making the Town’s Center into a commercial/mixed-use area.

The biggest attraction in town during the day is family time on the beach and at night, the little town comes alive with nightlife and a variety of restaurant options. There are many bars with an interesting dynamic offering pub-crawls, trivia night, Name-That-Tune, micro-brew beer tasting and the internationally famous Sunday Funday event every weekend!

The Fact

On Vanderbilt Avenue, street-front properties are 95% commercial use and 5% are still residential.

The proximity to 24 hour businesses like Super Xpress and Taco Stop; known bars like “Parlour” and “Loose Moose” and nationally ranked restaurants like “Simon Says” and “Barrio Cafe”, attracts economic activity all day and night long.

This building itself was built decades ago and the construction technique used for walls is locally known as ‘Taquezal’ a very traditional constructive system used in the colonial days of Nicaragua.

With all the development in the area, to take advantage of the square footage, it is recommended the new owner build a three story building. 10 meters is currently the maximum height allowance provided by the Municipality for privately owned construction projects. From this location, on a third floor you’ll be able to enjoy a 180 degrees ocean-view.

Another strong point for this particular property, is that you have the option to build any kind of business, whether you would like a restaurant, a bar, gym or even a hotel. Its size of 406 square meters is enough to distribute different areas within the project of your preference.


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