Retirement Incentives

Thinking about Retirement?  Nicaragua now ranks amongst the best places to retire!  According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, 30% of Baby Boomers who invest in real estate through self directed IRA’s, are now interested in investing and retiring overseas.  Nicaragua, with its low cost of living and safety, ranks amongst the top of these Foreign US Retirement Destinations.  The search for where to retire is over – the lifestyle afforded in Nicaragua is unsurpassed!  Here are a few Retirement Incentives offered by the Nicaraguan government for those looking to make Nicaragua their permanent home, or their home away from home:

  • You pay no taxes on foreign income
  • You can import up to $20,000 worth of household goods duty free
  • You can import one vehicle worth up to US $25,000 every four years with no import tax
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What You Need to Know

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Like what you are reading? Those are some pretty nice incentives for retirees! Nevertheless, our recommendation is the following: spend some quality time here in Nicaragua before deciding to retire here. Nicaragua is not for everyone. We don’t have mega shopping malls, Starbucks or movie theaters near the usual retirement destinations within Nicaragua. The majority of the conveniences that the average North American is used to are not found here in Nicaragua. However, infrastructure is constantly improving in Nicaragua. For example – As late as 2005 there was incredibly spotty internet here in San Juan del Sur, so bad that at times we had to wait 5-10 minutes to send a simple email. Today, you are able to stream live MLB baseball on your computer, or have a crystal clear video chat with someone across the globe!

The question that you have to ask yourself is ‘what do I envision my retirement to be?’ If its a tranquilo, fun lifestyle on gorgeous beaches, deep sea fishing, spear fishing, sailing, surfing, golfing, hiking, enjoying nature, horseback riding, adventure…basically enjoying all of the things that you weren’t able to do in your preretirement lives, Nicaragua may be the perfect fit for you! If you’d rather have bright lights, big cities and endless shopping, you’re better off looking elsewhere – we don’t have that here on the coast!