Code of Ethics

Whether you want to buy or sell a house, develop a real estate career, or invest in your own franchise, knowing that the company that you choose has a strict Code of Ethics should be an important point to consider.

RE/MAX offices in Latin America and the Caribbean are required to subscribe to a Code of Ethics that, among other things, includes the following articles:

  1. RE/MAX Affiliates shall keep informed of all relevant matters affecting real estate in their market, including laws, ordinances, regulations and practices.
  2. RE/MAX Affiliates shall undertake to receive periodic training about technology, tools, skills, and other matters relating their careers.
  3. RE/MAX Affiliates shall undertake to eliminate any practice by real estate professionals in their community which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the real estate profession.
  4. No RE/MAX Affiliate shall engage in the unauthorized practice of the law.
  5. No RE/MAX Affiliate shall mislead any seller, buyer, real estate professional or other party to a transaction.
  6. RE/MAX Affiliates at all times shall protect and promote the interests of their clients.
  7. RE/MAX Affiliates shall preserve confidential information provided by their clients.
  8. Signs giving notice of property for sale, rent or lease shall not be placed on property without the consent of the owner.
  9. No RE/MAX Affiliate shall acquire an interest in or buy for him/herself a property without making the true position known to the seller.
  10. RE/MAX Affiliates, until the closing of a transaction, shall submit all offers to purchase to the seller as quickly as possible and in an objective and unbiased manner.
  11. RE/MAX Affiliates shall, within a reasonable time, disclose the existence of an accepted offer to his/her colleagues.
  12. RE/MAX Affiliates shall not enter into any arrangement to accept compensation from more than one party without full disclosure to all parties.
  13. RE/MAX Affiliates shall not exaggerate, misrepresent or conceal pertinent facts relating to any property or transaction.
  14. RE/MAX Affiliates shall strive to avoid controversy with other real estate professionals.
  15. Negotiations concerning property which is listed exclusively with another real estate professional shall be conducted with such person, not with the owner of the property.
  16. No RE/MAX Affiliate shall solicit a listing which is currently listed exclusively with another real estate professional.

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