Vacation in Nicaragua

Will this be your first Vacation in Nicaragua?

Not to worry, there is lots to do while on Vacation in Nicaragua you can see museums, hike volcanoes, stroll down colonial streets, surf some amazing barrels and much more during your visit. Nicaragua is also becoming more and more visitor friendly. The National Government in conjunction with large companies have been providing training to small companies in the service industry since 2009. For this reason, the country is beginning to understand what the international traveler requires for an exciting and adventurous yet comfortable visit.

A Young Tourist Industry

Nicaragua is still a very young country with little experience in the international tourism industry yet it is the true eagerness to please the visitor (as if known personally) that sets this country apart from all other destinations. Nicaraguans are truly patriotic and want the world to love their country as they do.

So come Vacation in Nicaragua and allow the warmth of the Nicaraguan people captivate you. Come see all there is to do or do nothing at all, just enjoy a good book in a nice setting. Nicaragua has all types of Vacation possibilities: perhaps a cabin up in coffee country, or on the Caribbean with the onshore breeze and snorkeling…how about on the Pacific Coast with off-shore winds ushering you to the amazing surf more than 300 days out of the year. Let Nicaragua captivate you.

As a Real Estate Company, we focus on the Southern Pacific area of Nicaragua. Our area has a greater amount of tourism than most of the country. For this reason, in San Juan del Sur, we have more activities for tourists to enjoy than the average Nicaraguan town. Some activities and tours you can enjoy during your vacation in nicaragua include:

  • Catamaran Tours
  •  Deep Sea Sports Fishing
  •  Sailing
  •  Surf Tours
  •  Horseback Riding Tours
  •  Zipline or Canopy Tours
  •  ATV Tours
  •  Guided Tours to nearby regions such as Ometepe, Tola, Granada and Masaya

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