Why Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an old and new country at the same time. Full of culture, character and natural beauty, this is the largest country in Central America which has recently under gone a major transformation. Since the 1970’s, Nicaragua has gone from being the most productive country in the region to the poorest in Central America. Today, Nicaragua is reinventing itself and attracting large amounts of investors from around the world…once again.

Personal Safety

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIC), Nicaragua’s security levels have also gained international recognition, as it has become one of the safest countries in the western hemisphere, a close third to Costa Rica with first place being Chile. This may come as a shock from Nicaragua’s revolutionary past, but those days are long gone – Nicaragua has enjoyed over 20 years of democracy.


For more than a decade Tourism has been on the rise in Nicaragua and one of the most energetic sectors of the Nicaraguan economy. As you can see by the chart to the right, the tourism sector has had consistent growth over the past 5 years.

So why Nicaragua? Nicaragua is on the forefront, leading the path for growth in the region once again. With a strong government in place, the country is rebuilding itself. There are opportunities every where we look, it is all a matter of perception. As the second poorest country in the hemisphere, Nicaragua is ready for the a new stage. If you have a positive outlook and want to grow with this wonderful country, come join us, we are ready to making it happen now…

Eco Tourism

Nicaragua’s eco-tourism has been growing steadily over the past decade, focusing on local culture wilderness and adventure. There are countless eco-tourist spots located in all areas of Nicaragua: Pacific, Atlantic & Central Nicaragua. From volcanoes along the Pacific, tropical rain forests in the Atlantic to the agricultural lands in Central Nicaragua, this country has many options.

Did you know that Nicaragua is home to 7% of the world’s biodiversity? Or that Nicaragua has the largest rainforest north of the Amazon? If you didn’t know those two, then you probably didn’t know that Nicaragua, with a land mass smaller than that of the State of New York, holds a higher number in species of trees, birds, and insects than all of Europe.


Spanish is spoken majority of country. You will find pockets of expat communities where English is widely spoken, like San Juan del Sur and Granada. Indigenous languages are spoken on the Caribbean Coast


Honduras to the North border is shared with Honduras. Our Southern Border is shared with Costa Rica. On the Eastern shore we have the Caribbean clear blue waters (islands and all) . The West Coast, is the Pacific Ocean providing world class waves!

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